"We honour our commitments with integrity"


Looking back on the years that has passed, and being in the helm of the corporate world for many years, I have only words of satisfactions and gratitudes to say...

Towards my fellow friends and business associates who have worked with me and walk the extra miles with me, they are the pillars of my strength and the driving force where business are concerned. My fellow associates both locally and abroad, they are ever ready to team up for any challenges ahead.

I'da World Group Sdn.Bhd. was incorporated to spearhead these operation. With the team spirit, clear vision and dedicated commitments, the group is ready to confront both the opportunities and challenges ahead of us. With inspired enthusiasm and the consolidating spirit of our fellow associates and subsidiaries rendering their respective expertise, technical know-how, we will take the whole entire arena to the highest level. As long as we belief in our competencies and build on our Corporate Strength by deploying the most advanced engineering methods and technology we will meet our 'Mark'.

The dedicated team spirit and with their respective capabilities, I believe we are ready to undertake the most complex and high profile projects involving the constructions of diverse and multifarious buildings and infrastructure works including the highly specialized Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning contracts in the Oil and Gas Industry.

These vision can only be achieved through our group of dedicated directors and staffs, together with our associates' technical expertise. Our determine effort is our foundation to a robust growth. We shall rise to any challenges ahead to become a leading player in this industry.

We want to play a role in nation building in line with the government vision. We have our focus on various mega projects which will establish a 'landmark' . Projects that are in line within our objectives are – Off Shore Reclamation – Oil Refineries – Sea Ports – Development of New Township etc...

We are poised for immense potential growth ...

   Abdul Rahim Bin Abdul Wahab

Executive Chairman 


"Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of
the roadblocks that lay before you."